2022 Newsletter

May 11, 2022

The 2022 newsletter has been released for those that aren’t on our mailing list. If you’d like to stay up to date with what is happening at Paradise Cove, please reach out to us and we will get you added to the email list.  There is plenty time to get a fishing trip booked yet so talk with your buddy’s and email us. Hope to see you all in Minaki. Thanks  Duane

September fishing at Paradise Cove Resort

September 24, 2021

Hello from Paradise Cove,  What a great month of September as the weather was great and the fishing was better. Here are some pics of some nice fish caught and released. With the moon phase the Musky fisherman are having a blast. One boat at noon came in for gas and said they had caught 3 that morning and seen 3 others. Another boat said they had caught 3 in the past 2 days. Another fisherman didn’t want to cast for Musky so his buddy’s were casting away and he thought he would drop a jig and minnow down for Walleye. He had a hit and fought a 44 inch Musky and boated it. Washtub has been producing so big Walleyes and Gun Lake has lots of all sizes biting. Whiskey island has been a great spot for those eaters and plenty of 20-23 in. Walleye. Corey had some guests out Walleye fishing and after a few hours they decided to troll for Musky. Started trolling by Potato Island and in ten minutes netted a 47 inch Musky. There is plenty fishing to be done for the rest of September and October so send us an email and we can get u booked in. The weather is looking good for some time and the fish are hungry with the water temp as warm as it is. Hope to see you in Paradise. Just hit reply to reserve a cabin. Good fishing   Duane

The Fishing has Never Been Better

September 2, 2021

Hello from Paradise,  It is now September and the fish are biting as good as ever. Several groups of fisherman have told me they have never seen fishing any better. The guy holding the 3 big walleye told me they caught 6 walleye that day over 28 inches and the biggest 30 3/4 while netting lots of smaller fish during the day. I was talking with Craig Streins wife from Iowa yesterday and she said Craig did a great job of netting her 30 inch walleye lol. Better luck next time Craig. We have had a lot of Americans coming and they say it was a breeze at the border. I have talked with many Americans that have gone back home and they said there was no Covid questions asked at all at the border while crossing. The Musky are getting caught yet both casting and trolling deep. By the end of the month trolling will be the answer to find the big guys. A 54 inch Musky was caught the other day I heard. A 21 inch Smallmouth was caught at the Sand beach jigging with a minnow. Gun Lake is starting to go good for the Walleye fisherman. Corey went there last evening with some guests and boated 50 walleye in a couple hours between 2 boats. Lots of the 16 to 17 inch class with plenty overs. Our lake system is the best around with all Walleye over 17 3/4 released for over 10 years and I never heard of a Musky being kept either since they need to be 54 inches to keep and get mounted. A replica is better anyway cause a real fish shrinks a few inches well the hide drys before mounting. There is plenty time to get a fishing trip booked yet so talk with your buddy’s and email us. Hope to see you all in Minaki. Thanks  Duane

August fishing at Paradise Cove

August 17, 2021

Hello from Paradise Cove

     We are having a great month of August as far as the fishing. The Americans began arriving on August 9th and said the border crossing was easy except for the wait on first day. Second day they said they drove right up to the window. They said border agents were happy to see them and things went real smooth. Then after a few days of fishing was getting reports that they have never had any better fishing. Talked with one group that said they boated six walleye over 28 inches and up to 30 3/4 in a good day on the water. Fisherman are catching all sorts of eaters and lots in the 16 to 17 in. class. The best depth now is 30 ft. and there all over those sunken reefs. Plenty fish caught trolling out over deep water. Best to look for a group of Loons and they are usually over top of schools of bait and the walleyes are there feeding also. Great way to sit back and put the rod in the rod holder and enjoy the day. We have gotten some good rain and has helped the fire fighters with the fires 50 miles north of here. Smoke has cleared and looks like more rain on the way to help even more. The season is moving along so get with your buddy’s and family and get another trip planned. This is best time for Musky also, if you like casting for them. Talked with a couple Musky fisherman and in a week they boated 18 and there friends boated 14 of those toothy critters. For reservations please email me so its easy to contact each other instead of chasing each other with a cell phone with bad service. Texting works good also once people are here for some quick answers on the hot spots at the time. cell # is 206 550 3951. When texting please give a name and will have all the info you need. This summer has gone by fast since we lost most of June to restrictions getting into Ontario from Manitoba. Sure glad everything is getting back to normal and people can enjoy the way of life they love. Have a great day.  Thanks again   Duane

Minaki Musky are Hungry

July 26, 2021

Hello from Paradise Cove Resorts,

     The Musky fisherman are doing well on the water. Hearing of all sorts of Musky action with lots of siteings and follows and the biters. These next 3 weeks is best time for casting those Bucktails out there and watching for that Trophy. I even netted a Musky that didn’t want to let go of a small Walleye. We have been having a lot of forest fires around with lots of smoke but its getting better with a few heavy rains lately. The trolling bite in Big Sand has been great and my friend Dave Anderson netted a big 29 1/2” Walleye (for his wife). lol Better luck next time Dave. All the 25 ft. reefs are loaded with active Walleye and fisherman are having some tasty fish fry’s back at there cabins and on the shorelines. August long weekend is coming up and I have every cabin booked already in all 3 Resorts but after that we have plenty of open cabins. The Canadian border opens for all fully vaccinated Americans August 9th and it will be great to see those familiar faces once again. If you can’t make it this year get those 2022 plans made as soon as possible. We have lots of reservations we moved forward and expecting a record year for 2022. We hope to see lots of happy fisherman arriving as the summer moves on yet this year. Happy vacationing and fishing. Please email for reservations.    Duane

Its Big Fish time in Minaki

July 20, 2021

Hello Fisherman and Vacationers

      Finally some good news for the Americans. Canada is allowing all fully vaccinated people to cross border with proof of vaccination on Aug 9th. Children 12 and under are allowed with fully vaccinated parents. Now the other good news is the Walleye and Musky are more active then ever. The reefs are all loaded with hungry walleye and lots of reel dragging big ones. The population is the best I have seen with my Garmin Live Scope. I usually jump from spot to spot to find the hungry ones but this year they just keep biting at the spot I decide to check out first. Bass fisherman are having a blast with both Smallmouth and Large mouth now also. Been a slow start this year but with restrictions dropping here in Canada we see things getting back to normal. Been renting a lot of cabins seasonally and monthly to keep the cabins occupied while our good friends from the states were waiting patiently for the border to open. Had 43 cabins full last week so got to thank the Canadians for there patronage to Paradise Cove. For reservations please email me, just hit reply and I will get back to you asap. Or for info just call 807 224 1107. For text messaging 206 550 3951 which works great for reservations also. Hope to see you at Paradise soon. Good Fishing   Duane

Fishing at Paradise Cove

June 29, 2021

Hello from Paradise,  Well the fishing has been as hot as the weather. Everyone saying they have been doing well on there favorite honey holes. July long weekend is coming up and we have cabins that we want to put your name down on. With restrictions lifting we are getting busier each week. There is talk that vaccinated Americans may be allowed in toward end of July which would be a blessing. We sure have been renting a lot of cabins monthly and seasonally to family’s that want to get away to the lake. Send us an email and we can get you fishing in no time. Have a great fishing season. Thanks  Duane

Paradise Cove Musky on a Fly

May 27, 2021

Hello from Paradise Cove Resorts,  Sure hope everyone is doing well even though we are still dealing with restrictions. Fishing season has opened but with the US border and Ontario border closed to Manitoban’s the waters are sure quiet around Minaki. The word is hopefully June 14th some restrictions will lighten up for us here and for Manitoban’s. Sure is confusing why Manitoban cottage owners aren’t allowed to enjoy there property here on our lakes. We plan on opening our restaurant June 4th to get the season started.

I am adding a video that Corey and I were part of and hoping it will bring up the spirits until your all allowed to enjoy our vacation land and great fishing. Thanks much  Duane and Corey

Its big Walleye time at Paradise Cove

September 10, 2020

Hello Fisherman,  Another holiday weekend brought another full house to Paradise Cove. There is still time to get another fishing trip together. The Musky and Walleye action is better than ever. The weather looks great for a while yet so don’t store that boat yet. Email us at [email protected] to make a quick and easy reservation with no deposit required. On another note I have plenty inside storage for boats and pontoons when its time to put the boat to rest for a few months. Also time to get 2021 reservations in the books cause the Americans can’t wait to get back to our beautiful country to enjoy themselves. Seems a lot of new Manitoban guests are showing up to get away from the city for a fishing vacation. Want to thank everyone for there patronage and making Paradise Cove there #1 fishing location. Hope to see you all this fall. Thanks  Duane and Corey

Its Big Fish time in Paradise

August 5, 2020

Hello from Paradise Cove,  The summer sure is moving along as August is here already. There is no better time than now for fishing  Musky, Walleye and Bass. Walleyes are all schooled up and the reefs are loaded. Green Island, Rockpile reef, Trappers Cabin, Sand Beach and St. Johns island are loaded with lots off rod bending action for those tasty Walleye. The Musky action has been good casting or trolling here lately. My friend JJ Ross who guides here has boated 17 Musky this week during the Musky Hunt that happens annually here in Minaki. We also have plenty vacationers that just enjoy sitting on the docks and enjoying the sunshine after a refreshing swim. Had a busy weekend with over 40 cabins booked up and the weather couldn’t have been better. There is plenty summer left to get to the lake and have some fun on the water. For reservations please email or text me at 206 550 3951 to book a cabin. Texting sure works good when people arrive to get questions answered and find out the Hot Spots at the time. Hope to see you all having a great time in beautiful Minaki. Good fishing  Duane

Time for some relaxation on the Water

July 15, 2020

Hi from Paradise Cove,  The weather has been plenty warm but its a lot cooler on the water. Fisherman have been doing well. When you can catch a Musky on a Fly Fishing rod you know there hungry. Great job Katrina. The children on the docks have had a great week. There in the boat with there dad during the day and fishing off the dock when they get back. The girls Bass was 18.5 inches off the dock. Mark, there father, said the one day they boated over 60 walleye in there boat and had a time of there life. The other Musky caught by Melissa was her first Musky and the smile says everything. Paradise Cove has been staying busy with our Canadian guests from Manitoba and Ontario for there summer vacations and weekend getaways. The US border still remains closed till end of August as of now. We all hope the Covid issue is resolved soon. We go into phase 3 Friday where most everything opens back up to normal. For reservations please email us so we have all your info. [email protected]    Good Fishing  Duane

Fun Times at Paradise Cove – 807 224 1107

June 28, 2020

The weather is great the fish are hungry and the big Walleyes are being netted. Now that the restrictions for Manitobans has been lifted the fisherman are hitting our great river systems for Musky, Walleye and Bass. Our lakes sure arn’t as busy without our American friends allowed across border yet. As long as people are responsible about social distancing and bring all supplies with them I think this is a great place to isolate for some of your summer. The walleyes are starting to move into Little Sand and Big Sand reefs for there summer homes. Muskys are being caught now that they just finished there spawn. There is lots of summer left so time to plan some fun on the water. Looks like lots of warm weather in the 80’s for quite a while but on the water it is perfect. To reserve a cabin best to email me at [email protected] so I have your email address and all your info. Hope to see you all at Paradise in the near future since we have plenty cabins waiting for you. Stay safe and have a good summer. Thanks for all of us at Paradise Cove

Good News!

June 4, 2020

Hello from Paradise Cove here in Minaki,  Finally some good news for Resorts and Lodges here in Ontario. Rickford announced today that we can open our camps for Canadians. We are all ready to go here at Paradise Cove Resort. Restaurant is up and running and cabins are all set for those fisherman ready to get some fresh air and start living normally again. We welcome all Manitoban’s to our part of the world. Maybe best to buy your fishing license online and bring most everything with so not to have to stop much on the way. We all here at Paradise Cove hope everyone a great and safe summer on the water. We hope to hear soon about the US/Canadian border opening later on toward end of June. Thanks and good fishing  Duane

Opening Weekend at Paradise Cove Resort

May 26, 2020

Hello from Paradise Cove, Our season opened finally and the fish responded but it was different without our guests. The locals and seasonal RV people had a lot of water to themselves with the warm weather showing up. Soon our cabins will be open for our Canadian guests and hoping the June 21st date is when the US/Canadian border will open. For US guests with reservations before June 21st let us know if you want your reservation pushed forward. That’s when the fishing gets better anyway as the walleye school up on there summer homes. Were replacing the main house at Paradise 1 where my son Corey lives. Thought we had a little time to get it done during these times. Hope to see everyone soon when things open up. Good Fishing Duane

2020 Season is Almost Here

February 24, 2020

Hello Fisherman and families, Our 2020 Newsletter for Paradise was uploaded to the site and mailed out to everyone on our mailing list. Now is a good idea to get with your fishing buddies and family members and find the best time to plan your fishing vacation. With the good economy out there, the Resorts have been taking in lots of reservations. Thanks and have a great new year on the water. For info email us at [email protected].

Thanks again, Duane

More fish to catch!

August 10, 2019

Hello Fisherman and Families, The summer is flying by and there are a lot more fish that need photos taken of. The bite is great and it doesn’t get any easier to get rid of bait. The Walleyes are all schooled up now which makes it easier to boat lots on each spot. They are all mostly at 28-35 ft. on all the sunken reefs. There sure is a good bite for Bass now. Went to a few spots and Bass after Bass where usually its Walleye action. The Musky fisherman are boating some nice looking Musky especially those Tiger Musky. Talked to a guy the other day that boated 7 Musky in 3 days. He said he never seen so many Musky. Well we got lots of fishing season left so get with your buddies and family before school starts and get a fishing trip planned. Thanks from Paradise Cove Resort Duane Corey and Pat

Summer isn’t over…

July 19, 2019

Hello Fisherman and Families, The summer is going by fast and the fishing is getting easier. We have the Walleyes moving onto the reefs and gravel flats which makes the schools easy to find. Green Island reefs, Rockpile reefs, St. Johns reefs and No Name reefs are producing well. Trappers cabin and Sand Beach gravel flats are loaded with all size Walleye and few snags. The depth are shallower than normal for the better action. Corey and I were fishing 12-20 ft yesterday and sure went through a lot of bait. We must of released a 100 fish between our 2 boats. Corey is holding a 30 incher he boated while at Trappers Cabin gravel flats. The Musky fisherman are doing well casting for those big toothy critters. Lots and lots of follows and sooner or later those fish strike hard. The camp is busy with only a few cabins open this weekend so if you got that fishing fever get your dates figured out with your fishing buddies or family members and give us a call at 807 224 1107to get that fishing vacation set up. Have a great fishing trip and see you in Minaki. Duane Corey Pat

Opening Week of Musky Hunting

June 26, 2019

Hello Fisherman and Families,  The Musky fishing got a good start with some great shots of some beautiful fish. Even got a pic of 2 Musky spawning at the end of the pictures. The one Musky was a 57 inch monster caught here at Paradise Cove. Lots of Musky stories with at least 30 Musky fisherman after a fish of a lifetime. Weather has been great and lots of Walleye and Bass fisherman on the shorelines. Big Sand is just starting to produce some dandy walleyes. Corey was guiding yesterday and said Trappers Cabin spot was loaded with lots of 16-17 in. walleyes at 21 ft. deep. Others have caught big walleyes at the sand beach spot in 10-15 ft. Its only going to get better as the Mayfly hatch gets over in the mud bottom areas and the Walleye head into Big Sand Lake for the big schools of bait fish. Everyone has been saying how good it is to have the Restaurant and Lounge open at Paradise Cove ll and some great home made meals and the best Pizza ever. The summer is just beginning and if you don’t have a reservation yet now is the time to get plans made. This weekend is July long weekend and Canada day also with a great fireworks display over the town bay. Just give us a call 807 224 1107 to make a reservation the easy way. Remember no deposits needed from returning guests anymore to make it even simpler to get that fishing vacation you have wanted to do. Thanks from all of us at Paradise Cove Resort for making our camp the best around.   Duane Corey and Patricia

Big Fish Time

June 18, 2019

Hello Fisherman, Fishing season is off to a great start here at Paradise Cove. The fish are on the move north but here are a few that stopped for a photo shot on there way. A lot of the action is in 12-15 ft. of water for these bigger walleye and the eaters a little deeper. Corey has been guiding and has found the Brush Pile, Entrance to Little Sand, Wildedge, West Harbour and Bunnys Bar to be where he has best results. A person caught a 31 1/2 in. walleye at Bunnys Bar the other day. Muskie season took off Saturday and I heard of some big Musky caught already. Will have some Musky pics coming soon. So if you don’t have a reservation yet now is the time to get that fishing trip planned. Give us a call at 807 224 1107 or just hit reply and we can get you booked in for some fun on the lakes of Minaki. Thanks from Duane, Corey and Patricia

Time to do some FISHING!

May 28, 2019

Hello Fisherman and families, We had a great opening weekend and the fishing was best people have seen. Most action was between the bridge and The Dalles. A few fisherman said the best spot for them was in front of my cabin 200 yards from the boat launch. Sellers island was active also which is half mile up river. After having 25 cabins booked for opener looks like it will be another busy summer. We will have our restaurant and lounge open this summer for a place to enjoy some home cooking and to tell a few fish stories. To reserve that favorite lakefront cabin give us a call 807 224 1107 to reserve. We don’t ask for deposits from returning guests so its easy to reserve a trip to remember. Thanks from all of us at Paradise Cove Resort Duane, Corey, Pat