The Fishing has Never Been Better

September 2, 2021

Hello from Paradise,  It is now September and the fish are biting as good as ever. Several groups of fisherman have told me they have never seen fishing any better. The guy holding the 3 big walleye told me they caught 6 walleye that day over 28 inches and the biggest 30 3/4 while netting lots of smaller fish during the day. I was talking with Craig Streins wife from Iowa yesterday and she said Craig did a great job of netting her 30 inch walleye lol. Better luck next time Craig. We have had a lot of Americans coming and they say it was a breeze at the border. I have talked with many Americans that have gone back home and they said there was no Covid questions asked at all at the border while crossing. The Musky are getting caught yet both casting and trolling deep. By the end of the month trolling will be the answer to find the big guys. A 54 inch Musky was caught the other day I heard. A 21 inch Smallmouth was caught at the Sand beach jigging with a minnow. Gun Lake is starting to go good for the Walleye fisherman. Corey went there last evening with some guests and boated 50 walleye in a couple hours between 2 boats. Lots of the 16 to 17 inch class with plenty overs. Our lake system is the best around with all Walleye over 17 3/4 released for over 10 years and I never heard of a Musky being kept either since they need to be 54 inches to keep and get mounted. A replica is better anyway cause a real fish shrinks a few inches well the hide drys before mounting. There is plenty time to get a fishing trip booked yet so talk with your buddy’s and email us. Hope to see you all in Minaki. Thanks  Duane