Rates for services available at Paradise Cove Resorts.

Paradise 1, Paradise 2, and Paradise Park Cabin Rates:
        Cabin with Housekeeping: $50.00 per night per person (2 person minimum)
        Children 12 and Under: $30.00 per night per child
        Cabin with Housekeeping: $350.00 per week per person
        Boat Rental including tank of gas: $150.00 per day
        Guide with Boat and Motor: $400.00 per day
        Shore Lunches: $20.00 per person
        Boat Launching and Docking: FREE
        Dock Power for Battery Charging: FREE
Paradise Cove Estates:
        Custom Cabins include washer/dryer, dishwasher,
        2 bath, private dock w/power, and air-conditioning.
        Rates for Custom Cabins $60.00 per night per person
Cabin Rentals Monthly/Seasonal:
        1 Bedroom Cabin Monthly Rate: $1600.00
        2 Bedroom Cabin Monthly Rate: $1800.00
        Cabin with Housekeeping: $50.00 per night per person
        Baited Ground Blind: $120.00 per day with 2 day minimum
        Building for Hanging and Processing Deer: FREE
        Freezers to Store Meat: FREE
RV Spaces:
        Nightly Space Rate: $30.00
        Seasonal Space Rate: $1800.00 + tax
For more information or to make a booking contact: info@paradisecoveminaki.com or paradisecove@bellnet.ca.
Note: A couple of the videos mention cabin rates at $42.50, but rates have increased to current prices above.
Prices are in US or Canadian depending on which has the higher exchange rate.