August fishing at Paradise Cove

August 17, 2021

Hello from Paradise Cove

     We are having a great month of August as far as the fishing. The Americans began arriving on August 9th and said the border crossing was easy except for the wait on first day. Second day they said they drove right up to the window. They said border agents were happy to see them and things went real smooth. Then after a few days of fishing was getting reports that they have never had any better fishing. Talked with one group that said they boated six walleye over 28 inches and up to 30 3/4 in a good day on the water. Fisherman are catching all sorts of eaters and lots in the 16 to 17 in. class. The best depth now is 30 ft. and there all over those sunken reefs. Plenty fish caught trolling out over deep water. Best to look for a group of Loons and they are usually over top of schools of bait and the walleyes are there feeding also. Great way to sit back and put the rod in the rod holder and enjoy the day. We have gotten some good rain and has helped the fire fighters with the fires 50 miles north of here. Smoke has cleared and looks like more rain on the way to help even more. The season is moving along so get with your buddy’s and family and get another trip planned. This is best time for Musky also, if you like casting for them. Talked with a couple Musky fisherman and in a week they boated 18 and there friends boated 14 of those toothy critters. For reservations please email me so its easy to contact each other instead of chasing each other with a cell phone with bad service. Texting works good also once people are here for some quick answers on the hot spots at the time. cell # is 206 550 3951. When texting please give a name and will have all the info you need. This summer has gone by fast since we lost most of June to restrictions getting into Ontario from Manitoba. Sure glad everything is getting back to normal and people can enjoy the way of life they love. Have a great day.  Thanks again   Duane