The Bite is ON

June 24, 2018

Hello from Paradise Cove! The bite is on. Now that the spawn is over the fish are getting really hungry. My good friend Jerry Klabunde, with the NWPD hat on had a great day on the water with his son Mark. Mark netted a 27in, a 28 in. and a 29 in Walleye for his father the same day plus big walleyes of his own. Katrina Maksymyk is catching big Musky on a fly rod. The Musky opener was on 6/16 and a lot of nice fish have been caught. Jeffrey Johnson has a great pic of a 52 in. Musky but will send it out later when I figure how to do it. Weather has been warm and the lake level is a few inches low with a little amount of current. Trappers cabin has lots of big Walleye and plenty of eaters my son Corey says as he does a great job of guiding our guests to a trip you would not forget. This has been our busiest year yet so if you can’t fight off the urge to plan a great fishing vacation now is the time to get booked in. People are saying that they are sure catching a lot of 16-17 in walleye like never before. Just give us a call 807 224 1107 or just hit reply and we can get you and your fishing buddies lined up for a vacation that will wear out your arms catching and netting. Thanks from Duane Corey and Pat