Big Fish, and Lots of Them

August 12, 2018

Hello Fisherman and Families,  Lots of time yet to get a fun vacation in at Paradise Cove. Lots of happy faces at the docks lately as they pull some tasty eaters out to fry up. Walleyes are biting around 30 ft. now and as the season goes on they go deeper. There sure is some large schools of fish around on the reefs. I usually find a school of fish and throw out a marker to stay on them better.  When I go through them and they keep showing on the graph its a 100 yards from my marker sometimes so I throw the second marker and hundreds of fish to work through then. Been having some hot weather lately and water temp is up to 74 f or 22c. Lots of big Bass biting in 12 to 15 ft along the rocky shores. Those Musky are at all depths seems. While fishing 30 ft. I get a Musky to attack my walleyes and people are casting shorelines and getting action also. Notice the Musky caught on the shoreline in front of the 4 bedroom cabins at Paradise Park. So for lots of fun on the water give us a call 807 224 1107 or email and we can set you up with a lakefront cabin, if available, for a trip to remember. Thanks Duane Corey and Pat