Your Favorite Spot

November 3, 2016

Hello from Paradise Cove,

Now is the time, they’re being caught everywhere. Big walleyes, eaters and lots of action on the lake now. The ladies holding the walleyes are a 30 in. and a 31 1/2 in. The 31 1/2 was caught a 100 yards off Paradise Park Marina gas dock by the small island. Corey just called me and he said his guests, while guiding them today, caught over 25 walleye bigger than 22 in. up to 28 1/2. Lots of eaters also. Get with your familys and fishing buddies and get a great fishing vacation planed. Paradise Park has airconditioning in each cabin to cool you off after a hot day of fishing at that favorite spot.

Good fishing,

Duane and Corey