Lake Trout Fishing

May 3, 2017

Hello Fisherman and Fisherwoman,

It’s that time of the season to get some fishing done. Since Walleye season is closed till May 20th we went up the road a few miles and did some Lake Trout fishing. We launch at Worth Lake and go to the entrance to Sword Lake where most of the Trout are. A narrow channel about 2 ft. deep for 200 yds and were in Sword Lake. The best baits were #9 Shad Raps trolling about 2 mph along the shorelines. Its all wilderness and no cabins on this hidden lake. There is another Trout Lake up the road a bit from Worth called Gooseneck Lake which has Trout, Northern and Bass also. Its that time of year to get those reservations made and do some relaxing on the water. Hope to see you all in sunny Minaki this season. This year I decided not to ask for deposits for repeat guests that have fished from Paradise before. It eliminates the hassle of checks and credit cards. For the first time guests, we ask for a 100.00 deposit by credit card and it comes off the bill when guests settle up.

Have a great fishing season.


Duane and Corey