Easy Fishin’

July 18, 2018

Hello from Paradise Cove,  Now is the time for the easiest fishing for Walleye, Bass and Musky. The Walleye are all over the sunken reefs and off the Sand Beach and Trappers cabin points. Corey, my son and guide for Paradise Cove, has been doing great for his guests. He pulled onto Trappers Cabin point last week with a group that had never fished before and they pulled up 11 Walleyes in a row over 26 in.-29 3/4. Was there ever some big eyes and big smiles on there faces. We have lots of eater fish in the 16 and 17 in. range now days. People are seeing lots of Muskys following their lures making that heart rate rise, but getting them to hit is the trick. Heard of a Musky yesterday coming right out of the water after a lure that the person wasn’t watching for the follow and pulled the lure out to fast. Made a great fish story anyway. Weather has been warm but looks normal for the next few weeks. We have plenty cabins open for a quick fishing vacation, so give us a call at 807 224 1107 or just hit reply and get that boat on the water. Thanks Duane Corey and Pat