Happy New Year!

January 1, 2019

Happy New Fishing Year, Thought maybe a few fishing pics would brighten up the new year. Had a great 2018 season and 2019 will be another good one. Lots of big fish now days in our 5 lake water system. All theses fish in the pictures are waiting for you again to give you a battle since they are all released. Last summer there was a 3 week stretch that all cabins were full so best get those vacation plans together and get that favorite cabin booked up. Remember I have built 4 new cabins by the bridge and they are beautiful. Private docks, dishwasher, washer and dryer and airconditioned. Walleye season opens 3rd Saturday in May and Musky opens 3rd Saturday in June. The best walleye fishing is usually mid July to mid August and Musky pretty much the same. I want to thank everyone that has fished Paradise Cove and made it one of the best known lakes for lots of fishing action. Have a great fishing season. Thanks  Duane and Corey

August 12, 2018

Hello Fisherman and Families,  Lots of time yet to get a fun vacation in at Paradise Cove. Lots of happy faces at the docks lately as they pull some tasty eaters out to fry up. Walleyes are biting around 30 ft. now and as the season goes on they go deeper. There sure is some large schools of fish around on the reefs. I usually find a school of fish and throw out a marker to stay on them better.  When I go through them and they keep showing on the graph its a 100 yards from my marker sometimes so I throw the second marker and hundreds of fish to work through then. Been having some hot weather lately and water temp is up to 74 f or 22c. Lots of big Bass biting in 12 to 15 ft along the rocky shores. Those Musky are at all depths seems. While fishing 30 ft. I get a Musky to attack my walleyes and people are casting shorelines and getting action also. Notice the Musky caught on the shoreline in front of the 4 bedroom cabins at Paradise Park. So for lots of fun on the water give us a call 807 224 1107 or email and we can set you up with a lakefront cabin, if available, for a trip to remember. Thanks Duane Corey and Pat

Easy Fishin’

July 18, 2018

Hello from Paradise Cove,  Now is the time for the easiest fishing for Walleye, Bass and Musky. The Walleye are all over the sunken reefs and off the Sand Beach and Trappers cabin points. Corey, my son and guide for Paradise Cove, has been doing great for his guests. He pulled onto Trappers Cabin point last week with a group that had never fished before and they pulled up 11 Walleyes in a row over 26 in.-29 3/4. Was there ever some big eyes and big smiles on there faces. We have lots of eater fish in the 16 and 17 in. range now days. People are seeing lots of Muskys following their lures making that heart rate rise, but getting them to hit is the trick. Heard of a Musky yesterday coming right out of the water after a lure that the person wasn’t watching for the follow and pulled the lure out to fast. Made a great fish story anyway. Weather has been warm but looks normal for the next few weeks. We have plenty cabins open for a quick fishing vacation, so give us a call at 807 224 1107 or just hit reply and get that boat on the water. Thanks Duane Corey and Pat

Giant Musky

July 3, 2018

Hello Fisherman,  Now is the time when the fish are moving to the reefs and shoreline points. It makes them easier to catch and find schooled up on your graph. I even squeezed in a little time on the water this weekend and boated 53 walleye from 9 am. to 1 pm. on Saturday. Ran out of bait even they were so hungry. How do you like this 52 in. Muskie Jeffrey Johnson caught, its a beautiful fish and still out there. All these big fish pics are live released and out there for more action. The weather is great and still small amount of current. Our Resorts are only 3 hours north of International Falls Mn. and the drive is scenic all the way to your cabin after you call us at 807 224 1107 or just hit reply and and we can set you up with a trip to remember. Thanks from us at Paradise Cove. Duane Corey and Patricia

The Bite is ON

June 24, 2018

Hello from Paradise Cove! The bite is on. Now that the spawn is over the fish are getting really hungry. My good friend Jerry Klabunde, with the NWPD hat on had a great day on the water with his son Mark. Mark netted a 27in, a 28 in. and a 29 in Walleye for his father the same day plus big walleyes of his own. Katrina Maksymyk is catching big Musky on a fly rod. The Musky opener was on 6/16 and a lot of nice fish have been caught. Jeffrey Johnson has a great pic of a 52 in. Musky but will send it out later when I figure how to do it. Weather has been warm and the lake level is a few inches low with a little amount of current. Trappers cabin has lots of big Walleye and plenty of eaters my son Corey says as he does a great job of guiding our guests to a trip you would not forget. This has been our busiest year yet so if you can’t fight off the urge to plan a great fishing vacation now is the time to get booked in. People are saying that they are sure catching a lot of 16-17 in walleye like never before. Just give us a call 807 224 1107 or just hit reply and we can get you and your fishing buddies lined up for a vacation that will wear out your arms catching and netting. Thanks from Duane Corey and Pat

Nice Bass

June 2, 2018

Hello Fisherman! Boy are we seeing some big Largemouth Bass all over our lakes over the last few years. These 2 Largemouth are 6 and 7 lbs and a big walleye on the same day of fishing. The weather has been warm and the water is up to 63 f. or 16c. Time to get that fishing trip lined up if you haven’t already by emailing us or giving us a call between 7 am. and 5 pm at 807 224 1107. Thanks Duane and Corey

The ice is gone…

May 11, 2018

Hello from Paradise,

Well we got rid of the ice a lot faster than I thought we would. The warm weather a few windy days sure made the ice disappear. Looks like a great summer ahead as reservations are doing well. Since we have the 3 Resorts, people can decide on a quick fishing trip and we usually will have a cabin open. Holidays are usually full so call if you have some dates in mind. From all the staff at Paradise Cove hope to see you all on the water fighting a fish of a life time. Have a great fishing season. Call 807 224 1107 or send us an email to get your cabin booked.

Duane and Corey

Deer Season

November 6, 2017

Hello from Paradise Cove, What a great deer season with the cold weather and lots of good snow for tracking. Hunters are doing well with 5 more bucks harvested since I took the picture of the bucks hanging in the Marina. Corey’s ground blinds are doing well now that the rut is going strong. Season closes on Nov. 15th for non residents and the weather outlook is good. Want to thank everyone that made Paradise Cove there fishing and hunting destination this season. Hope to see you all next year. Thanks Duane and Corey


October 9, 2017

Hello Minaki Musky Fisherman, Its that time of the season for some big Musky. The weather is cooling down and the Muskies are fattening up. The last three times I have been out Walleye fishing I have had a Musky on my Walleyes. Get with your fishing buddies and get a trip planed before the snow flies. Best email me for a cabin since I am working on the camp during the day. No deposit needed so emailing makes it easy. I have heard guys catching Musky with Top water baits and guys trolling 40 ft. deep hooking them lately. Have a great fishing vacation and hope to see you at Paradise Cove Resort. Thanks Duane and Corey

Big Fish…

July 11, 2017

Hi Fisherman, Talk about big fish, man is there action on the water here. Lots of happy guests catching a fish of a life time and then doing better the next day. With all these fish being released again its only going to get better. My friend Chad Gendron had his son out front of my cabin and caught a 29.5 and a 30 3/4 and hour apart. Next day they were out and had a double hitter of a 30 in. and a 30.5 in. Now that don’t happen very often on other lakes but it does here in Minaki. And to top it off the best fishing is yet to come this summer. Time to call your fishing buddies and family members and have a trip to remember. We have plenty cabins here so give us a call and we have a map marked for you waiting. Our # is 807 224 1107 or email your reservation in. The sun just came up and water is calm and looks like a great fishing day. Hope to see you at Paradise. Thanks Duane and Corey

Great fish being caught…

June 25, 2017

Hello Fisherman,

Here are some great fish caught here the past week. Some huge Musky, Northerns and Walleye caught and released. All these fish are still alive and looking for your bait so give us a call and get your trophy fish on my mailing list. The weather has been warm and its time to go fishing. Fishing is fun and a big fish is a bonus. Let us mark a map where the hotspots are so you have lots of action from the start of a great vacation. Lots of big Walleyes being caught. Talked to one guest today and he has caught 3-28 in. fish in 3 days. Richard Gendron and Terry Horgan netted a 29 in. and a 30 in. yesterday. Plus the best fishing is from July 15th- Aug 30th. Sharpen those hooks and get some strong line spooled and we hope to see you at Paradise Cove.   807-224-1107 or email your dates. No deposit needed from repeat guests.


Duane and Corey

Good Fishing

June 19, 2017

Hello Fisherman,

Fishing is going good here in Paradise. Lots of happy fisherman catching nice Walleye, Large and Smallmouth Bass and some large Northern Pike getting netted. People aren’t traveling far for success as this 28 in. Walleye was caught right in front of my cabin, 200 yards from Paradise Park Marina. This Largemouth Bass was caught on the McFarlene river just a few miles up river, weighed in at 6 lb. 1 oz. Great catch Ben. Give us a call if you want to get away and do some fishing. We have plenty cabins for a quick fishing trip. 807 224 1107 or Paradisecove@bellnet.ca


Duane and Corey

Lake Trout Fishing

May 3, 2017

Hello Fisherman and Fisherwoman,

It’s that time of the season to get some fishing done. Since Walleye season is closed till May 20th we went up the road a few miles and did some Lake Trout fishing. We launch at Worth Lake and go to the entrance to Sword Lake where most of the Trout are. A narrow channel about 2 ft. deep for 200 yds and were in Sword Lake. The best baits were #9 Shad Raps trolling about 2 mph along the shorelines. Its all wilderness and no cabins on this hidden lake. There is another Trout Lake up the road a bit from Worth called Gooseneck Lake which has Trout, Northern and Bass also. Its that time of year to get those reservations made and do some relaxing on the water. Hope to see you all in sunny Minaki this season. This year I decided not to ask for deposits for repeat guests that have fished from Paradise before. It eliminates the hassle of checks and credit cards. For the first time guests, we ask for a 100.00 deposit by credit card and it comes off the bill when guests settle up.

Have a great fishing season.


Duane and Corey

Paradise Cove Estates

February 28, 2017

Hello from Paradise Cove Resort,

This is the first of four new cabins that we are building in a new development called Paradise Cove Estates. It is between Paradise Park and the CNN railway bridge. This cabin is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a washer/dryer and dishwasher under the granite countertops. Cabin has a private dock and large deck with patio furniture outside. It features log furniture inside and a 60′ flatscreen TV on the wall. The cabin will sleep six and is on its own lot. Each of the four new cabins are on separate lots. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these cabins just email me back. Until they sell though I will be renting them out as I get them completed. Rate for this customized cabin is $60 a nite per person with a minimum of 6 people. We also require a Saturday to Saturday stay. Second cabin will hopefully be done by June and will have the best view of them all. If anyone is interested in renting or is thinking about owning a lakefront cabin contact us at Paradisecove@bellnet.ca. We are looking forward to another great tourist season and hope all you sportsman and families pick Paradise Cove for your summer and fall vacationing fun.



Hunting Season has come to an end…

November 17, 2016

Hello Hunters,

The 2016 deer season is over and lots of nice bucks were taken. Weather was warmer then usual but still the deer were on the move. The buck in the pics at my groundblind showed up a couple hrs. to early but I plan on spending some time after him. Get your reservations in early for 2017 hunting season since we also have lots of Musky fisherman in camp also. Have a great winter and hope to see everyone in 2017. Thanks a lot.

Duane and Corey

Hunters – The rut is on!

November 9, 2016

Hello Hunters,

The rut is on. Hunters are doing well. We have had 5 nice bucks harvested in the past 3 days. Hunters are saying the deer population is back and looks like the wolf population is way down. Not seeing tracks and not hearing them howling. Weather is above normal but lots of deer on the move. Mike Savage has harvested a huge 8 point that dressed at 245. The necks are huge. Corey has some nice bucks coming to his baited ground blinds. Tried sending a bunch of pics but internet won’t let them thru for some reason. Season closes Nov. 15th if anyone wants a quick deer hunt. licenses can be bought over counter here. Have a great hunting season everyone.


Duane and Corey

Your Favorite Spot

November 3, 2016

Hello from Paradise Cove,

Now is the time, they’re being caught everywhere. Big walleyes, eaters and lots of action on the lake now. The ladies holding the walleyes are a 30 in. and a 31 1/2 in. The 31 1/2 was caught a 100 yards off Paradise Park Marina gas dock by the small island. Corey just called me and he said his guests, while guiding them today, caught over 25 walleye bigger than 22 in. up to 28 1/2. Lots of eaters also. Get with your familys and fishing buddies and get a great fishing vacation planed. Paradise Park has airconditioning in each cabin to cool you off after a hot day of fishing at that favorite spot.

Good fishing,

Duane and Corey

Hardcore Fishing

September 21, 2016

Hello from Paradise Cove,

Well our fishing season is slowing down some but the hardcore walleye and Musky fisherman are still at it. Weather has been warm and so is the water in the lake. I want to thank everyone that fished out of Paradise Cove this summer for the great memorys and pics that they took home to share with others. Its a great place to have family outings and to get away from the every day cycle we get into at the office and in the fields. Hunting season is coming up and its looking like there is plenty of deer after having some good winters lately.

Thanks again,

Duane and Corey

Fishing Action @ Paradise Cove Resorts

August 29, 2016

Hello Fisherman,

The Walleye and Musky fishing is as good as it gets anywhere. Lots of happy fisherman having a great time on our waters. The Walleye action hasn’t slowed down at all, with lots of eaters and big fish being caught. Gary Roach was up for a week and he said he can’t believe the amount of fish on his graph everywhere. The Sand Beach, Trappers Cabin, Rockpile Reef and Green Island Reefs are loaded he said. I was on Green Island the other day and boated 24 walleye in an hour and a half. Trollers caught 16 walleye off the Sand Beach in an evening I was told. The Musky fisherman are trolling and casting for plenty of Musky action. Was told by one group that while trolling for Musky they are catching lots of big Walleye on their Musky lures. The weather has been in 70’s and 80’s still so give us a call and we can get you a cabin reserved. We are letting smaller groups stay at Paradise Park now that the big fishing rush is over. September long weekend and Labor day weekend are coming up so give us a call 807 224 1107.


Duane and Corey

Musky Fishing is HOT

August 8, 2016

Hello from Paradise Cove,

There are some huge Musky being caught here on the Winnipeg river system. Heard of a guy catching six himself the other day. The walleye fishing can’t get better. They’re on every reef a person goes to. Average depth is 28 to 35 ft. is where were finding the large schools of hungry walleye. Richard Gendron, friend of mine, said they caught 14 walleye over 24 in. to 29 in. on the Rockpile reef a few days ago. People are catching plenty of eaters now days saying there sure are a lot more keepers then previous years. There is plenty of bait around to get those small walleyes fattened up and growing fast. Was longlining a few days ago and first walleye was 27 in. and second walleye was 30 in. Sure is an easy way to catch walleye, put a Reefrunner on or # 9 Shadrap and set the boat at about 2 mph and troll right across the middle of Big Sand. These walleye are suspended between 15 and 25 ft. deep over 150 to 200 ft. deep water chasing big schools of bait. I try to find schools of Loons that are feeding on the bait the walleyes are chasing to the surface. The weathers great and plenty time to get a vacation planned before school starts again or those crops need harvested. Give us a call for more fun in the sun, in beautiful Minaki.  

Duane and Corey