Musky Fishing is HOT

August 8, 2016

Hello from Paradise Cove,

There are some huge Musky being caught here on the Winnipeg river system. Heard of a guy catching six himself the other day. The walleye fishing can’t get better. They’re on every reef a person goes to. Average depth is 28 to 35 ft. is where were finding the large schools of hungry walleye. Richard Gendron, friend of mine, said they caught 14 walleye over 24 in. to 29 in. on the Rockpile reef a few days ago. People are catching plenty of eaters now days saying there sure are a lot more keepers then previous years. There is plenty of bait around to get those small walleyes fattened up and growing fast. Was longlining a few days ago and first walleye was 27 in. and second walleye was 30 in. Sure is an easy way to catch walleye, put a Reefrunner on or # 9 Shadrap and set the boat at about 2 mph and troll right across the middle of Big Sand. These walleye are suspended between 15 and 25 ft. deep over 150 to 200 ft. deep water chasing big schools of bait. I try to find schools of Loons that are feeding on the bait the walleyes are chasing to the surface. The weathers great and plenty time to get a vacation planned before school starts again or those crops need harvested. Give us a call for more fun in the sun, in beautiful Minaki.  

Duane and Corey